Monday, July 31, 2006

A week and a day

Eight days, that was how long the restriction lasted and it was really REALLY difficult. Usually Daddy doesn't make me wait so long. Sometimes it seems like a long time when he makes me wait half an hour! He says that I behave better when I'm on restriction and that he would like to try and train me to go longer, and when I asked how long he meant by "longer" he said maybe he would like to see if I could go a whole month. To me that just seems cruel! In fact I think I'd rather have a spanking every day for a month without restriction, than a whole month of restriction where I got no spankings because I was being perfectly well behaved. It made me wonder if it's really true that I behave better when I'm on restriction. Maybe.

Anyway, Daddy finally decided it was time to let me off restriction last night after my bath. He washed me and powdered me and then he gave me lots of kisses and licks and some play-swats that were fun but not owie and then he made me lie still on the bed and told me he would let me cum as long as I didn't move the whole time he was touching me. That was really hard but I kept as still as I could. Every time I shifted even a little bit he would stop kissing my girl parts so it wasn't easy. When I did cum he held my legs still and I know I was LOUD because he laughed at me. Then after he snuggled me for a long time and then put me to bed, but first we talked about his idea of longer restrictions in the future. I told him I didn't like that idea and he said we would talk about it more later. I kind of felt sulky about that idea and I hope he doesn't decide to do it.

Daddy asked me if I trust him and if I ever don't want to be his little girl. And I told him the truth, that sometimes it's really hard because he makes me do things that are difficult, and sometimes really embarrassing and sometimes the spankings are way too painful! But also, the truth is that I love the way it feels to be taken care of even though some parts of it are hard, the whole experience is very very good. Daddy kissed me goodnight and said that he wanted me to remember that last part as much as I could. So if he decides to make me do something I really don't want to do then that is what I will try to focus on.


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