Friday, July 21, 2006

Looking ahead and Looking back

Friday at last. I'm glad the weekend is finally here because I'm tired and ready for a break. The only bad thing about weekends is that they're a chance to catch up on punishments that have been missed, maintenance that needs attending to, and maybe just a little bit too much of Daddy's undivided attention.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to get my maintenance and I'm kinda nervous because I haven't had it for awhile while we were on vacation so I'm a little scared it's going to be extra severe to make up for what's been missed. Also I know that Daddy isn't really in a good mood with me right now because I did something dumb. I was checking the VISA statement (we have a joint account) and I saw a charge for something in another city, so I got worried that someone might have stolen our credit card. I called Daddy at work and asked him to look at the online banking and see if he knew what it was. So he looked and said that he didn't know. So I called the bank and had our cards cancelled and now we won't get new ones for a little while until they come in the mail.

Anyways, this was dumb because about an hour later I suddenly figured out what the charge was. It was a UPS charge because I paid the UPS guy with my credit card when he delivered a package that came from that city. Duh. So Daddy isn't exactly happy that he has no credit card and for no good reason. I don't know if that's going to be part of what we talk about tomorrow but I do know that Daddy gets frustrated with my lack of organization when it comes to stuff like money, so I think probably it's going to come up.

Also I got a spanking and a "reminder" last night because I forget to hang up my keys on the key hook by the door. I keep losing my car keys and my house key, and so Daddy finally put up this cute little key holder by the door to hang our keys on so they don't get lost, but I'm having trouble getting used to it. Daddy said there's no "three strikes" on this one. One warning was it, and then the second time I forgot (yesterday) I got a major paddling. And then I had to wear the reminder for the rest of the night. The reminder is my bottom plug and it doesn't feel so good when it stays in for a long time ... but it sure helps you remember stuff. *sigh*


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