Saturday, July 22, 2006

another maintenance day

So today I got my maintenance as planned and it wasn't easy. Daddy was upset about the credit card fiasco as well as a couple of other little things mostly to do with acting grown up when I'm supposed to remember that I'm not really grown up with him. With him I'm still a little girl but sometimes I forget.

Anyways, I gotta spanking for the credit card thing, first over his lap with just his hand and then with the wooden spoon. I can't really tell you how much a wooden spoon spanking hurts if you've never had one, but I should say that I really think it's one of the very worst punishments going. The wooden spoon stings so much that when he spanks me with it I totally freak out and panic and scream my head off like I'm being murdered and Daddy has to make sure that all the windows are shut before he gives me one of those kind of spankings. Also when I get a wooden spoon spanking I can't help but thrash around a lot and so Daddy usually has to pin me down with his legs and hold my arms behind my back or else my hands get in the way and my fingers get whacked. It's a weird kind of spanking because it's almost all sting and no "thump" so when it's over my skin burns like crazy and then itches, but the next day there are rarely any marks at all. Sometimes I kinda like the marks, but if I need to be spanked harder with that horrible spoon to get them I think I'll pass. I HATE wooden spoon spankings.

Also today I was in diapers all day which is embarrassing. I really don't like it when I need to pee and Daddy won't let me use the toilet like a grown up. It's embarrassing to sit around in a damp diaper waiting for him to decide to change me and it's embarrassing to get wiped and powdered and all that stuff even though it's still kind of sweet and comforting at the same time. Sometimes being little is super confusing because the stuff I hate is the same stuff I really need to feel safe and happy and loved.

As well as getting the wooden spoon spanking for maintenance and diapers all day I also had to have a training session and that usually means bottom stretching for Daddy so that when he enters me from behind it won't be too difficult. Sooo a training session has to do with his fingers inside my bottom for a bit, and then a small plug for a little while and then the bigger plug at the end for a half hour, and then .... and then Daddy inside me. That isn't always easy but I'm glad he lets me build up to it. It's kind of like having to wear the reminder all night, but more intense. The reminder is a medium size for an extended period of time. Training is a faster graduation from small to bigger that I have to relax for and accept the best I can or else it really hurts.

Another thing is that I am on orgasm control for the weekend which means that I'm not allowed to climax when I want to. So when Daddy is penetrating my bottom I have to stop myself from climaxing even though I really really really want to. A big important rule in our house is that I'm not allowed to masturbate without Daddy's permission and so when I'm on orgasm restriction it means he's not letting me have that pleasure until he decides so. I think he will let me off restriction tomorrow night at the end of the weekend but I'm not positive because he didn't say so. The longest I've ever been on restriction was three weeks and it was SOOOO hard. (I've heard of people who do this for months at a time but I cannot imagine how they do that without going completely berzerk.) I find orgasm restriction really really difficult because after a spanking or a training session or anything like that I always feel like an orgasm is the next natural step. I mean, even though spankings and trainings HURT and are EMBARRASSING and stuff, they also still fill up my tummy and my girl parts with tickly butterflies that want an orgasm to set them free from tickling me. Keeping those butterflies inside me for a long time is really hard. So I'm feeling more than a little bit antsy and I'm hoping this round of restriction doesn't last long.

The good news is that Daddy didn't decide to give me an enema this time, something I always dread and sometimes happens during maintenance. And also the best part was that I didn't have to eat baby food today which he sometimes does when he's trying to teach me about remembering to be little and that makes me feel SICK. So the worst potential parts of maintenance didn't happen, and though the spanking was really really ouchie, it's over. So the only bad part is getting through the night in my diapers and not being allowed to touch myself or climax until he gives me permission. Diapers will be over in the morning and hopefully restriction will be over soon after that.


Blogger MalleyCat said...

yeah man, I totally hate it when that happens

11:01 PM  
Anonymous spare_no_details said...

Orgasm control fascinates me. Will you please promise to tell us when he finally lets you cum?

11:01 PM  
Blogger Daddy's Little Shelley said...

wooden spoon spankings -- hate them!

diapers -- I've only had to wear them, but not go to the bathroom in them.

masturbation restriction -- WORST KIND OF PUNISHMENT!!

My Daddy has tried the masturbation restriction when I was being really bad everyday, but that just made me want to do it more (which I did).

11:39 PM  
Blogger Riley said...

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11:19 AM  
Anonymous daddyslittlebabygirl said...

LOL now THAT is the difference between living with your Daddy and not living with him. If I disobeyed mine on something like thatI would be punished severely and it wouldn't be fun or sexy or anything. It would just be AWFUL. Some things are way more fun in fantasy than they are in reality, hahahah!

spare_no_details, I have no details to offer. Still on restriction, still waiting.

11:21 AM  
Blogger storynattie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! i really like yours, and i'm glad that you didn't have to have an enema.

You asked about where to find my stories ... they're at and my ageplay stuff is at They're also at, but they're not available in ebooks for another couple months. If you want to subscribe, though, you can get a bunch of great stories from lots of authors even better than me! :-)

10:07 PM  
Blogger Daddy's little one said...

Thanks nattie! I look forward to doing some reading. :)

10:25 PM  
Blogger Daddy's little one said...

i_h_b: thanks for your nice comment. Deleted your comment because I think your site is bad mojo, but I appreciate you reading and leaving comments.

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im not worried about bad mojo he is the one who shoudl be.

3:40 PM  

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