Saturday, June 10, 2006


One of the drawbacks of being a submissive little girl is that sometimes Daddies are WRONG. Sometimes they make mistakes and punish you for stuff you didn't do. That happened to me yesterday and I talked to Daddy about it today because I was MAD and he didn't even say sorry. He said that it's MY fault because I haven't always told him the truth so he doesn't know that he can trust me and just has to rely on his instincts.

OK, I'll give him the point on that. I know I haven't always been completely upfront with him about everything but I've been trying to do better with that and this time I really didn't lie and yet I got a full punishment for lying even though I didn't lie. Not fair!

What I did was tell him that I wanted permission to go out with Kristen on Thursday night for dinner and then to come home by 9:00. He said I could go, no problem, but when Kristen picked me up she wanted to go to a club after dinner, not to drink but to check if her purse was there because she thought she left it there the night before. So after we ate we just ran into the club to see if anyone found her purse and then we went home, but one of Daddy's friends saw us and told him we were hanging out at the club!! And when I told Daddy THE TRUTH about what happened he said he didn't believe me because of the other time I lied to him about where I was going and so I got punished. BADLY.

He took off all my clothes and put the clothespins on my nipples and by itself is a horrible punishment. We have those awful old wooden ones with the springs and because they're so old the springs are TIGHT. That had my crying right off the bat and then he made me lie down over the spanking horse which put more pressure on my nipples and it hurt so bad that I couldn't help myself from trying to pull them off so he tied my hands so I couldn't do it again. Then he used his belt on me, on my legs and back and mostly my bottom. After that he put in the biggest bottom plug and made me stay there on the table for a long time just crying shaking while he talked to me about trust and honesty.

After all that he took the clothespins off but not the plug and made me go to bed for the whole afternoon and night with the plug in, so I was in bed from about 5:00 in the evening until this morning. I was so mad!

This morning Daddy wasn't upset with me anymore and he kissed me and hugged me and told me he loved me and I told him that I WAS MAD AT HIM instead. He listened to what I told him and said that I can't expect him to take my word for things when I choose to lie sometimes and that being punished that way last night was what I deserved if I lied last night or if I didn't lie but gave him reason to think I did. And that just SUCKS. I've been sulking ever since and Daddy says we'll go out for dinner tonight and spend some romantic time together. He also says we'll work more on getting the trust back so that he can take my word for stuff in the future. I don't know how I'm supposed to work on that since I didn't do anything wrong but I guess we'll see.



Blogger Daddy said...

Sweetheart, your Daddy is right about you needing to be honest with him all the time so he can trust you. I do hope you'll be able to win back his confidence in short order and I am sorry for your poor innocent-in-this-case bottom.

9:53 PM  
Blogger Natasha said...

Yes, you know Daddies DO get stuff wrong, a lot. A LOT. Just yesterday I was soooo happy. And i sent my Daddy a text about all the good stuff that was going to happen that day like my car was finally in the garage for its yearly MOT test which expired in april. And instead of being pleased that I had done this he was just mad that I drove the car for two months with no test.
So mean.
He said i will get a spanking and the cane...weak.
And THIS from the guy who actually has a machine in his car so he can avoid the speed cameras.
Talk about one rule ...

7:20 AM  
Blogger Daddy's little one said...

Your daddy sounds like mine, Natasha. Strict strict strict!!!

9:55 PM  

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