Monday, April 17, 2006


This afternoon my Daddy said I was getting maintenance. We do maintenance every other Saturday afternoon and the point of maintenance is to partly to punish me for the things I didn't get caught for during the last two weeks but also mostly just to remind me that I belong to him and that I have to obey him because my body is his to do with as he wants. Some parts of maintenance are Daddy/little girl and some parts of it are Dom/sub. So it depends on what kind of mood he's in what happens to me during maintenance and it also depends what my behavior has been like in the last two weeks because sometimes maintenance also has reminders in it for the things I got punished for most recently. Maintenance is also a test of my obedience and submission because he usually tells me to do things that are hard to do and if I don't do them quickly and to the best of my ability then I'll get disobedience punishment on top of maintenance and getting punished on top of a punishment is just about the worst thing there is.

So the first thing was that he took off all my clothes. When he undresses me I'm not allowed to resist. Then he made me lie face down on the bed over the pillows which usually means a spanking but it didn't mean it quite yet, this time. Instead he put Bengay on my bottom hole and then put in the plug. He does that with a firm smooth push that HURTS because it opens me up really quickly and after that the burn from the Bengay starts.

The he made me go to the corner and stand with the plug in for twenty minutes and while I was there I was supposed to think about my behavior and also my committment to him and what that means. I did that the best I could even though the burning in my bottom was really distracting!

Then after twenty minutes was over he brought me back to the bed and made me lie down again on the pillows. He tied my arms and legs spread out to the corners of the bed. Being tied always scares me and it's something he is working on with me so that I learn to trust him with it. So after he tied me he talked me through the breathing so that I wouldn't panic and made me breathe only when he said so because otherwise I sometimes hyperventilate.

After I was breathing slower he gave me my maintenance spanking and this time it was with his hand first and then my hairbrush. The hairbrush is a small wooden brush that hurts like crazy and I hollered until my throat hurt and I was howling and crying. Then finally when that was over I got six licks with his belt, four across my bare bottom and the last two across the tops of my thighs. Those thigh ones are the worst and I bawled.

After the spanking was done he untied me and flipped me on my back and told me I was going to cum now with the bottom plug in and that if I didn't obey him and cum fast I would be punished again. He started to tease my clit with his fingers and then his tongue and it felt so good but I was also having pain from the big plug and Bengay plus my bottom was burning from the spanking and he didn't give me any time to recover before he started so I just couldn't cum fast enough.

When ten minutes had passed I was so close, I was twisting around under his fingers and panting and so nearly there but it wasn't good enough because as far as he was concerned I had disobeyed. And so I got dragged back across his lap and got six more hard swats with the hairbrush. I screamed! A spanking on top of a spanking hurts a million times worse. I couldn't help kicking and trying to get away.

Then he rolled me back on my back again and asked if I was going to obey him right now and I cried and said yes yes yes I'm trying. And he said I was going to cum right away in the next two minutes or go for another spanking and I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth and when he touched me again I came almost immediately screaming and crying and gasping.

After that he turned me back on my stomach and removed the bottom plug and then entered me himself, doggystyle (not in my bottom this time, guess he didn't want the Bengay on his tender parts! LOL) and I came again during this part.

Phew, that's my maintenance for this two weeks. Now I just have to keep out of trouble while the hairbrush welts are healing.


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