Saturday, March 18, 2006

Better Late Than Never

I haven't written here in a long time but now I'm going to, thanks to a nudge from a friend. Better late than never I'm telling her, and I'm also saying it to my Daddy but he disagrees.

Today I got in major trouble for missing curfew on Friday night. It was St. Patrick's Day and I went out with a big group of friends. Daddy decided not to come because he wasn't feeling well and he gave me a 1:00am curfew. This was actually pretty generous because I usually have to be home at 11:00 or midnight when he's not with me.

Anyway, what ended up happening was that one of our friends disappeared partway through the night and when it came time to leave, the designated driver had to spend about 45 minutes wandering all over the bar trying to find her. So the rest of us just sat in the car and waited but we were kinda crocked so it didn't seem like that long.

By the time I got home it was almost 2:00 and Daddy was really worried and mad because I didn't call him. But of course I didn't realise how much time had passed and didn't think of it. Duh. Also, in my half-crocked state I thought it was funny to say, "Better late than never", which he didn't find even slightly amusing.

He made me go to bed then which is kind of too bad because if he'd punished me right then it wouldn't have hurt so much. But he waited til morning and then when I got up, he let me drink a coffee and eat a piece of toast before he said we were going to talk about last night.

He sent me to the punishment room which is just our spare room but it's where he keeps all the spanking things all the other evil stuff he uses on me. In that room there's a bed and a wooden chair for spankings and a dresser full of nasties. In the punishment room he gave a huge long lecture about curfew and calling when I'm going to be late and I started to cry before he even touched me. Then he pulled down my jeans and panties and pulled me across his lap on the spanking chair.

He totally whaled on my butt with his hand first and then after I thought I couldn't take anymore of that he stopped and pulled his belt out through the loops. Oh my god, I got such a licking. I screamed my head off and bawled and he still didn't stop til I was totally roasted. When I've done something really bad he doesn't have a whole lot of mercy.

After that he put me in the corner with my panties around my ankles and told me I had two minutes to stop crying or he'd spank me again. I choked and swallowed and quit crying as fast as I could because I sure didn't want another round with his belt OR his hand, and then after I'd stopped crying out loud, he made me stand there while he got the enema stuff ready.

After that he put the pillows on the bed and made me lie down on my stomach with my butt up in the air. He put vaseline around my bottomhole and then put in the nozzle really deep and hung the bag on the hook above the bed. I started to cry again and he swatted my sore sore bum and told me stop right now. So I did even though my bottom was stinging like CRAZY. It's amazing how you can control yourself when you're going to get whipped if you don't.

Then he opened the valve on the enema and it started coming into me really fast. That's how punishment enemas go, really fast like that. Sometimes he gives me different kinds of other enemas for pleasure or for health but those ones are much easier to take. This one was coming into me fast and it wasn't very warm either and it had soap in it. The colder soapy ones make stomach cramps which I guess is the point, and it really sucks. He made me take a whole full bag. Partway through I got another spank for wiggling but I couldn't help it because I was cramping so bad but it's still a rule no matter what. So when I moved he spanked me twice with his hand, once on each cheek and said, "You stop moving right now or you'll take another trip across my lap, little girl." So I stopped moving even though I could barely stand it and took deep breaths and cried silently.

When I had the whole bag inside me he put in the plug and gave me my line book. I had to write, "I will not miss curfew without calling for permission" fifty times!! During that time the enema was working like crazy inside me. My stomach was pushed out far like I was pregnant and it was hurting hurting hurting. So the whole time I wrote the lines I was twisting inside and still crying silently and trying to write as fast as I could but neatly so I wouldn't have to do it over again.

When I finished he took FOREVER looking over the lines before he finally said they were good enough and that I could go to the bathroom. He made me bend over in front of him and pulled out the plug slowly. I ran like a jackrabbit to the bathroom!!

After I got rid of allllll that water, I came back to the punishment room. I'd finally stopped crying and Daddy was sitting on the bed waiting for me. He took my hand and pulled me to him and I sat on his knee. He said he hoped I learned something, and boy did I. I promised never to worry him like that again, and then he snuggled me up close and I started to cry again. He snuggled me tight while I cried and rocked me like a baby for a long long time. After that he carried me to the bathroom and ran a big bath and washed me all over.

Then when I was all clean, he dried me and carried me back to our bed. He used the vaseline on my bottomhole again, but this time it was preparing me for something much more pleasant. :) After an hour of yummy lovemaking I was teary and shaky again but this time in a good way. That man knows what he's doing. Whew.

Tonight I have to go to bed right after dinner as part of my punishment which I HATE so I'm hoping dinner will be late. My butt is feeling pretty tender and I am feeling certain I will NEVER make that mistake again. "Better late than never" is NOT an expression that will be rolling off my tongue again in the future.


Blogger Sammy said...

WOW I thought my daddy could dish out a punishment when I was naughty. I think the best part of punishments is the soothing part at the end you know the "Now you know why you were punished and you know daddy will always love you" Part that daddys say. It makes the punishment worth it...kind of. *giggling*

11:34 AM  
Blogger Daddy's little one said...

*grins at sammy* I know exactly what you mean, it's the same for me. The love and snuggles afterward make the whole thing totally worthwhile. It's neat to talk to someone who understands about that!

3:35 PM  
Blogger Sammy said...

I'm quite lucky in the fact that my inner kid is often too young to get seriously spanked or punished, but then sometimes it tends to be adult me getting unished for being bad and thats a whole different ballgame. but generally as my little side im usually very good and behaved :D I really like yoor blog, it has parts that really remind me of me and daddy

12:44 AM  

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