Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I was reading an interesting proposition in Anna's Daddy's blog today.

Here's the gist:

He wants Anna to let him cane her. She's scared of the cane. He promised not to cane her because she's scared but he's hoping she will one day change her mind.

So he offered her the option to trade in one whole BIG spanking in exchange for one cane stroke!!!

This blew my mind. What a great deal!

I get caned, and I was terrified of it at first too. But here's the thing. My Daddy never offered me any kind of "out" like that. He just said that I deserved a caning and so I got one!

I understand why Anna is scared of the cane. It's brutal when it's used roughly. I have had rough canings and moderate canings. The moderate ones, like what Anna's Daddy proposes (aka six of the best) aren't any worse than any other kind of spanking as long as the cane doesn't touch your thigh. And six is a manageable number. I won't lie and say it's easy because it's not. After six cane strokes you'll probably be crying, Anna, but it won't be any worse than the punishments you have now.

I've had severe canings too, because my Daddy and I go into some darker stuff sometimes. A harsh caning is more than six to start with, and it leaves welts that last for days. It can even cut. That's what I think Anna is scared of. But I don't think that's what Anna's Daddy is wanting to do. I think he just wants to give her a moderate caning so she will overcome her fear and learn to trust him even more.

I think you should do it, Anna. I'll hold your hand. ;)


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