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Discipline Horse

The Discipline Horse is a part of our BDSM lives that isn't ageplayish at all. No little girl would ever be made to straddle one of these things. Daddy keeps the Discipline Horse in the finished part of the basement and he covers it with a blanket most of the time because it's pretty obvious what it is, I think.

He made the Discipline Horse himself, but I think you can buy them too, not that I'm recommending it because I'm not! When Daddy tells me I have to get on the Horse, it's because I've done something really naughty and I'm in BIG trouble. Not little girl, spank-your-bottom kind of trouble, but whole-body grown-up serious trouble.

This part of our life is more like Dom/sub stuff, or even Master/slave, but we don't call ourselves that. It's still kind of a carry-over from Daddy/little girl, but the Discipline Horse is reserved for BIG TROUBLE and when he disciplines me there he isn't very Daddyish with me.

For example, when I get in little girl trouble, Daddy talks to me like a little girl. He says, "You've been naughty, young lady, and Daddy loves you too much to let you get away with that." So, even though I'm getting my bottom blistered, Daddy still talks to me sweetly and it's not scary even when it hurts like crazy.

On the Discipline Horse, he isn't sweet with me. He's only strict and it's big-time scary even though I trust him. Daddy doesn't make me go on the Discipline Horse very often but when he does, it's because I have misbehaved a lot of times in a row or because I have done something very VERY bad. I was very scared he would make me go on it this weekend because of the bad week I had, but he didn't. The last time he made me go on the Horse it was because I lied to him about where I went when I was out with my friends. I didn't want to tell him the name of the bar we went to because he hates that place and I'm not supposed to go there. So I told him the name of a different bar that he doesn't mind me going to. Then, a couple of days later, one of my friends phoned and talked to him and mentioned where we were. I was in huge trouble for that.

He made me go downstairs in the basement to wait for him. When he tells me to do that it means I am supposed to take off all my clothes, everything, and sit on the chair to wait. It's kind of cold in the basement even though it's finished down there and I always shiver while I am waiting for him even though I know that's partly from fear too.

When he came downstairs, he made me lean over the Horse. It's kind of like a wooden table, but the edges are all rounded so there's no sharp parts. And it's just above my waist height so when I lean over it my bottom is lifted up high. It has leg cuffs and wrist cuffs and when he made me lean over the table, he did up all the cuffs so I couldn't move. The leg cuffs are far apart so when you're strapped into them you're spread open. There's also a big strap that goes across the middle and he added that later because he found out that even with my arms and legs pinned down I could still wiggle too much. So after he did up the cuffs he strapped me down too. That's a scary feeling, if you've never experienced it, being completely unable to move, especially when you know that you did something bad and your Daddy is angry with you.

Sometimes on the Discipline Horse I get gagged and blindfolded too. This time he didn't do that, though. Sometimes he wants me to see what he's doing so I can be scared and sometimes he likes to hear me cry, I think. So, he started with the rubber flogger. I think it's actually made from recycled tires. It looks like it anyway. He ran the rubber flogger over my whole body from just below the shoulders all the way to the backs of my knees, focusing a long time on my bottom. I screamed so loud that I'm surprised no one called the cops. And like I said, he wasn't talking to me sweetly when he did this. He was saying, "You will NOT (flog) LIE (flog) TO (flog) ME (flog) EVER (flog) EVER (flog) EVER (flog) AGAIN! (flog) DO (flog) YOU (flog) UNDERSTAND (flog) ME (flog)? And so on like that. It doesn't take long with that kind of punishment to be begging and pleading and crying but when I'm on the Discipline Horse it's like he can't hear my pleas.

When I get punished like that, there's a point where my mind and my body kind of disconnect and it's almost like I can't feel what's happening anymore. I mean, I can, but my body starts to send out so much endorphin or something that the pain changes. I guess that's what people call sub-space. I was totally there after a little while. You can tell because at first, my body is resisting the pain, straining against the cuffs and tensing up, even though I can't get away it's like I'm trying to. Then, when I start to get in that place, my body is more relaxed. I stop fighting what's happening to me and just absorb it and cry and cry and cry.

After he was done with the flogger he got out the cane. The cane is the thing that scares me more than anything else, probably because of all those spank-videos I've watched where I see girls getting the cane and it's cutting right into their skin. Daddy has never actually drawn blood with his cane but it still scares me to death. When he got that out I snapped right out of the sub-space place and started hollering begging him not to use it on me and pulling on the restraints. I've only had the cane a few times in my life (five now) and I don't know if it really hurts the worst or not but I'm so scared of it that it sure seems like it. Then he told me that I was going to get six strokes with the cane and that if I didn't stop screaming RIGHT NOW he would make it ten. So I stopped screaming but I couldn't really stop the crying. So then I got six strokes on my bottom with his cane. Between each stroke he would squeeze my bottom and rub the stripe. It's hard to explain how a cane feels but it's totally different than being spanked with a flat surface, like a paddle or a flogger or even a hand. It's like it doesn't hurt right away. The cane is light and small so when it lands you almost have a couple of seconds before it sinks in. Then, when it does sink in, it's like a strip of FIRE and you do a little dance if you're able to move, or if you're strapped to the Horse you just writhe internally and scream your head off. He is good at using his cane. When I look in the mirror afterward I have five perfectly spaced, red horizontal stripes. The sixth one is a diagonal that crosses the other five. It's funny that when it's over I feel proud of those marks even though I hate hate hate hate hate hate getting them.

After the cane, he undid the cuffs and put me on the Edge. That's another of Daddy's inventions, and it sits in the basement along with the Horse. It's a much smaller thing, and kind of sharp. When I say sharp, I don't mean sharp like cutting-sharp. It's just an edge that isn't rounded. It's another wooden table-construction that's kind of shaped like a triangle with the point facing up. When I go on the Edge, it means that I'm straddled over it, with one leg on each side, hands bound behind me, and the Edge is touching my girl parts. The way the table is built, I can stand on my tiptoes over the Edge and it doesn't really touch me, but if I go down on the flats of my feet, it puts pressure on my girl parts, kind of cutting into me. When I say cutting, I don't mean it's drawing blood or anything. I just mean, it's putting the weight of my body on that part of me, so it's kind of painful and really sensitive the longer I do it.

I guess it's sort of like those awful games on Survivor where they make people stand on wobbly things, except that when you're straddling the Edge, the reward for staying tiptoe isn't food - it's that your girl parts don't hurt. But your calves do. Or, if you rest your calves, your girl parts carry the weight and hurt. The thing is that standing on your tiptoes for a long time is impossible. Trust me about this if you haven't tried, it's impossible.

So, he put me on the Edge, and blindfolded me, which was just plain mean. When I'm on the Edge, my girl parts get really red and irritated and sore after awhile and my calves do too. It's impossible to keep either part from hurting. It's just about deciding which part can take more punishment at any given moment. After fifteen minutes on the Edge, you end up pretty sore and kind of bruised between your legs. While Daddy made me sit on the Edge, he stood beside me and talked to me about how I had let him down by lying to him. He told me that I must never lie to him again. I was crying while I was sitting up there. Partly it was the pain and partly it was just knowing that I had done something so naughty and hating to make my Daddy angry and disappointed with me. One thing about my punishments with Daddy is that he never tells me what to expect. I mean, he never tells me how many spanks I'm going to get (except with the cane) or how long I'm going to sit on the Edge or stand in the corner. He doesn't tell me so I never know whether it's going to last a long time or a little while. He says he doesn't tell me because he doesn't know himself. He decides as he goes, based on my reactions.

After about fifteen minutes on the Edge, Daddy took me down and released me. My back hurt from the flogger and from balancing, my legs hurt, my bottom hurt, and my pussy hurt. This is why this kind of punishment can only happen once in awhile. It's really serious and it's really painful in the kind of way that makes a person wonder why on earth they ever decided to get into this lifestyle!

Then Daddy carried me upstairs to the bedroom. In the bedroom he told me he loved me and forgave me for being naughty, and he stroked my sore body all over and kissed and licked my bruised and swollen girl parts. I should explain that orgasm feels different when you're hurting in that place. It takes a long time to get there because you are desensitized and when you get closer it starts to hurt more and more and more even as it feels better and better and better. So you get an orgasm that is a weird mix of excruciating pain and intense pleasure. Very powerful.

So that describes a couple of the many uses of the Discipline Horse, Daddy's own brilliant and evil invention. It has other uses too, which I will talk about another time.


Blogger Dante Hunter said...

Ouch, that does sound like a less than fun day, glad you didn't have to repeat it lately. The Discipline Horse & The Edge sound like they could be fun if integrated into lighter play routine too... tied up with your legs spred isn't always such a bad thing. But I suppose they'd lose their intimidation factor--ah the fun of subtle mind games in d/s relationships. What did you have to do to first get Daddy to break out the hammer & nails and build something specifically for your discipline? Not good.
By the way, not that it matters, but I think the device you call The Edge is considered in bondage circles by the title the wooden pony. It's name comes from the fact that the poor girl riding it usually ends continually readjusting and shifting her weight from her calves to her crotch, rocking like a girl on a rocking horse. Even still, doesn't fit well with ageplay. Great couple of posts.

10:29 PM  
Blogger Daddy's little one said...

Hi Dante, you are right that these items could be used in lighter play and maybe that would be more fun than the heavy discipline sessions they are used for now. But you are also right about the intimidation factor. The fact that they are only used when I am in serious trouble does add to their power!

My Daddy built the Horse based on pictures he had seen online, but I don't think there wasn't a specific thing that made him decide to. Before building the table, he had attempted some heavy discipline but found that restraints were needed to keep me from moving/ resisting. I do try very hard to submit to discipline but it is not possible for me, without restraint, to take much. I cannot stop myself from trying to get away. Even during a handspanking he has to hold my hands behind my back and cover my legs with his leg because I can't keep still no matter how hard I try.

He used to make me bend over his office desk for paddlings and it would be impossible for me not to stand up between each paddle stroke and hold my bottom and move around. He would threaten to paddle me harder and longer for doing that but I still couldn't stop. Sometimes a paddling for a small thing would end up turning into a huge discipline session where I was getting in more trouble for moving than anything else. Sometimes he still makes me try to do this but it is nearly impossible for me. My self-control is poor.

That's part of why he wanted something with restraints and I think he also wanted something that was more serious and not ageplayish. He has a sweeter Daddy-side and a stricter side too. The Horse appeals to his darker side I think.

I was VERY interested to see the site you showed me about the wooden pony. I did not know that this existed anywhere except in my basement!! The pictures are not exactly like Daddy's Edge because these pictures show a suspended beam to straddle, and the girl's ankles are tied to it at the bottom. Daddy's Edge is solid all the way down to the ground and sort of like a triangular block, so my legs are forced apart by the shape of it, and not tied at the ankle. But he does tie my hands so I cannot use them to support myself and the idea is definitely the same.

I was envious of this woman who got to wear a dress and shoes while she was riding, haha! The embarrassment of being completely undressed while being forced to do this is part of what makes it difficult.

When he was making the Horse I could tell exactly what it was for because it was basically just a table with cuffs and straps. But when he was making the Edge I didn't know WHAT it was. He made me stand beside the blocks of wood to get exactly the right height. I am not very tall and if I was allowed to wear the shoes the lady in the picture has, I would be tall enough to carry my weight on my feet. :)

It was very interesting to know that other people have experienced a similar type of discipline. Thank you for showing me that site!

1:50 PM  
Blogger Daddy's little one said...

PS: I just found this picture that looks similar to what we have at home. The only difference is that my feet DO touch the floor if I stand on my tiptoes.

1:53 PM  
Blogger Dante Hunter said...

That's too bad about not being able to hold still for a spanking, no matter how minor. You'd think if Daddy were a clever enough craftsman he could rig something up to give you a certain amount of freedom, but not enough to interfere with your punishment. Or at least make it easier for you to improve your self control. Sounds like a rainy Sunday project to me.
Thanks for the picture you found of the wooden horse... illustrations always help the story. You should really take digital pictures or illustrations of all of your toys & impliments that are part of your ageplay or BDSM lifestyle. Not that your stories aren't great pictures in themselves. :P



8:52 PM  
Blogger Daddy's little one said...

Hi Dante, good to see you here again! I think your idea of a rainy Sunday project sounds scary - besides my Daddy always goes to church on Sundays, ha ha. I am actually looking for a digital camera right now that is in our price range and takes decent pictures so perhaps one day I will be able to fullfill your request. ;)

6:03 PM  
Blogger Dante Hunter said...

Yeah, digital cameras finally became cheap. I got a 3.1M about a year ago on Ebay that works just fine for $80. Granted had to put in another $50 to get rechargable batteries, some memory, and a case. Still, cheaper than I'd go through in a year or two worth of film. Plus you can take photos that don't involve having to go out of town to get developed :) Hope the last two weeks are going better than the year kicked off. Thanks for the birthday note.


10:43 AM  
Blogger Daddy's Little Shelley said...

I'm starting to think that I'm glad that my Daddy doesn't live with me so these things can't happen...until he visits.

7:18 PM  

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