Sunday, December 04, 2005

Trouth Mubbles

I wasn't raised using good grammar and proper English. My parents swore all the time and they didn't care if we did either. I didn't do too well in school and I didn't really try very hard to learn how to write because I didn't care about it.

Spelling and grammar and using proper English are all things that Daddy cares about very much and I get into trouble when I don't do my best. He understands that I make honest mistakes sometimes but when he can tell that I'm just not trying he gets mad. Especially when I swear! It's really hard because I spend lots of time around people who talk like that, with bad words and poor English and so I start to pick up their way of talking.

Yesterday I said something really stupid and Daddy got mad because it was something he's already told me lots of times not to say. I won't even type it here because I'm trying to get it out of my head forever so I never say it again. Anyway, he gave me a chance to say it right but I just wasn't clued in at all so I totally didn't realise what he was saying. I just looked at him like, "Huh?" and then he got all serious and he took my arm and pulled me into the bathroom. He sat down on the toilet lid and squirted a bunch of Softsoap on the washcloth and then he washed my mouth out from the very back to the front and he made me stick out my tongue to clean it too, and the roof of my mouth as well. It was sooooo gross. I gagged and cried too and then I tried to pull away from him which always just makes it worse and so he flipped up my nightgown and spanked me right there in the bathroom for resisting because I'm not allowed to do that.

The he made me stand in the corner with my nose touching the wall and holding up my nightgown for about half an hour. I felt sick from the taste of the soap and I wanted to scream at him but that is NEVER a good idea. Then when he finally felt that I'd learned my lesson he brought me out of the corner and took me to bed and there he was very VERY nice to me. :D


Blogger Dante Hunter said...

Ooh, what a cute blog. I've never had the good fortune to find someone to be a "little" or even experiment with a bit of age play, but I enjoyed reading your stories. Presuming that they're non-fiction, your posts are very endearing and intimately personal--I can think of no better purpose for the medium of blogging. I hope you'll write again; I'll be checking back often. Be good.

8:23 PM  
Blogger Daddy's little one said...

Hello Mr. Dante, thank you for leaving me a note. It was a nice surprise to find! I didn't think that there was anyone reading my blog except my friend and her husband so it was fun to get a little note from someone else.

You are right that my blog entries are nonfiction and I like writing down what is happening in my ageplay life because I want to talk about it with other people who understand it. There aren't very many people who do!

When I first started my blog I got a letter from a lady who wanted to help me leave my "abusive relationship". She was very sweet but she didn't understand that being my boyfriend/Daddy's little girl is something that I want.

It's hard to explain things like that. So it's always nice to talk to other people who can understand.

PS: You made me feel like writing things again after taking lots of time off!

6:12 PM  
Blogger Dante Hunter said...

Thank's a ton. First, thanks for writing again: it's an interesting and fairly unique fetish lifestyle that very few people live and fewer still write about. So don't wait on weird internet junkies like myself to be inspired to write.
Thanks secondly for the recommendation to check out Ireland's Daughter's page. It shares much of your site's raw intimate honesty that makes it such a good read. I dropped a comment on her page too, so hopefully she too will feel inspired to post again soon.
And thanks finally ("finally" as in "at long last") for visiting my blog. It's obviously not in quite the same vein as yours, but as my sex life is a joke, I try to keep my sex scribblings pretty light hearted too.
Sorry you're not understood by everyone, but you can either be interesting or well understood... I think you've made the right choice. Keep up the good work.

11:36 PM  
Blogger Daddy's little one said...

Hi Mr. Dante,
I think you are very right that it's an unusual lifestyle. I'm always really happy when I find someone who understands it, shares it, or at least can appreciate it for what it is.

I thought your blog was very interesting too. BDSM has much in common with ageplay so it's not surprising to find that connection in your writing too. Much of what we practice at home is BDSM too, like parking (bondage) and some other stuff I haven't written about yet, like the Discipline Horse (shudder!).

I'm glad you checked out A's blog too. She is good for me to talk to because she has more experience and helps me understand my own needs better.

I'll keep following your blog and I hope we can talk more.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Ireland's daughter said...

I'm glad you checked out A's blog too. She is good for me to talk to because she has more experience and helps me understand my own needs better.

Thanks sweetie, you're good for me to talk to too.

4:03 PM  
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Anonymous Annabella said...

I'm probably several years too late, but I absolutely love your blog. I am just beginning to explore the ageplay dynamic and I find it the most erotically powerful thing I have ever encountered in kinkdom. Thank you so much for giving me much food for thought, and for sharing so openly and honestly.

8:59 PM  

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