Monday, November 14, 2005


Daddy always keeps me clean-shaven. Most of the time I have baths instead of showers and most of the time Daddy sits on the edge of the bath while I'm in it and helps me get clean.

He likes to shave me every other day. At first this used to kind of irritate my skin and I didn't like it. But now he has been doing it for years and my skin doesn't mind at all. Sometimes I mind, though, because it's a little embarrassing!

He makes me stand up in bathtub and he puts liquid soap on my girl parts and runs the razor over me, zip zip, fast and easy. That part isn't so bad. The hard part is that sometimes he makes me stand still while he checks his work to make sure he didn't miss any spot and then he pulls back the outside parts and runs soapy fingers all over to check that there's not one stray hair that got forgotten. He makes me lean over and touch my toes so that he can examine my girl parts from behind and check again.

Being clean-shaven is an important part of being Daddy's little girl.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My daddy also likes me smooth and hairless so he has a lady beautician come and shave me twice a week, its very embarrassing having her touch me inside as she shaves the inner lip parts especially when he is sitting watching me. I hate the plastic panties she always puts on me after she has powdered my little girl bits, they are so babyish. daddy says if I complain he will have her spank my bottom then put me in double nappies and my dreaded baby pants.

2:52 AM  

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