Monday, November 21, 2005


I got parked this weekend. I hate parking the most of Daddy's punishments while it's happening because it truly scares me. But afterward when I think about it I get all tingly inside.

Being "parked" comes from Daddy's expression, "You park youself right there and think about what you've done." Except the problem is that I'm really no good at parking myself. I can't stay still very long and I get distracted easily.

So Daddy figured out early on that if he really needs me to be still and think, he needs to do the parking for me. So being parked means that he takes off all my clothes and ties me up really tight so I can't move at all. Usually he ties me in a way so I feel very exposed. It's kind of a sensory deprivation experience to keep me focused, because he also blindfolds me and sometimes gags me too. Then he puts me on the bed and leaves me parked for as long as he thinks I need to think about what I've done wrong.

This time what I did wrong was forget to take my cell phone with me when I was out.

Anyway, he parked me for about an hour and when I'm parked I get all claustrophobic and panicky feeling sometimes, so I have to try and take deep breaths and stay relaxed. I also get scared when I'm blindfolded like that because I don't know if Daddy is in the room with me or if I'm alone. So I can't anticipate what's going to happen next.

The thing is that while I'm parked I'm not supposed to be thinking about being scared. I'm supposed to be thinking about why it's important to remember my cell phone, etc., so that when he decides the parking is done I can tell him what I've learned. If I don't have a good answer for that, I can expect to stay parked longer.

Sometimes when I'm parked I get a spanking while I'm tied up which is a VERY different feeling that getting spanked when you can move. Sometimes he also puts clothespins on my nipples which HURTS like crazy, or even clamps me in my girl parts.

Being parked sucks.


Blogger Daddy said...

I am very intrigued by your description of "parking". Are you really unable to be still without being bound or is this just simply something your Daddy enjoys doing to you? I found it interesting, also, that you are required to be thinking about what you did wrong rather than worrying about whether you are also going to be spanked or punished in other ways.

This reminded me of one of the cornertime rules I insist upon with my girl. Sometimes she is given cornertime AFTER a spanking rather than before, and in that case I also want her thinking about what she did wrong rather than feeling sorry for herself for having been punished. To that end, I do not allow her to touch her sore bottom during cornertime and I do not start timing cornertime until she has stopped crying.

11:53 AM  
Blogger Daddy's little one said...

I think I really am unable to stay as still as Daddy wants me to be. Maybe I have A.D.D.! I really do have a hard time staying still but I think he mostly just enjoys tying me up and scaring me a bit.

1:56 PM  
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