Monday, November 21, 2005


I got parked this weekend. I hate parking the most of Daddy's punishments while it's happening because it truly scares me. But afterward when I think about it I get all tingly inside.

Being "parked" comes from Daddy's expression, "You park youself right there and think about what you've done." Except the problem is that I'm really no good at parking myself. I can't stay still very long and I get distracted easily.

So Daddy figured out early on that if he really needs me to be still and think, he needs to do the parking for me. So being parked means that he takes off all my clothes and ties me up really tight so I can't move at all. Usually he ties me in a way so I feel very exposed. It's kind of a sensory deprivation experience to keep me focused, because he also blindfolds me and sometimes gags me too. Then he puts me on the bed and leaves me parked for as long as he thinks I need to think about what I've done wrong.

This time what I did wrong was forget to take my cell phone with me when I was out.

Anyway, he parked me for about an hour and when I'm parked I get all claustrophobic and panicky feeling sometimes, so I have to try and take deep breaths and stay relaxed. I also get scared when I'm blindfolded like that because I don't know if Daddy is in the room with me or if I'm alone. So I can't anticipate what's going to happen next.

The thing is that while I'm parked I'm not supposed to be thinking about being scared. I'm supposed to be thinking about why it's important to remember my cell phone, etc., so that when he decides the parking is done I can tell him what I've learned. If I don't have a good answer for that, I can expect to stay parked longer.

Sometimes when I'm parked I get a spanking while I'm tied up which is a VERY different feeling that getting spanked when you can move. Sometimes he also puts clothespins on my nipples which HURTS like crazy, or even clamps me in my girl parts.

Being parked sucks.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Daddy always keeps me clean-shaven. Most of the time I have baths instead of showers and most of the time Daddy sits on the edge of the bath while I'm in it and helps me get clean.

He likes to shave me every other day. At first this used to kind of irritate my skin and I didn't like it. But now he has been doing it for years and my skin doesn't mind at all. Sometimes I mind, though, because it's a little embarrassing!

He makes me stand up in bathtub and he puts liquid soap on my girl parts and runs the razor over me, zip zip, fast and easy. That part isn't so bad. The hard part is that sometimes he makes me stand still while he checks his work to make sure he didn't miss any spot and then he pulls back the outside parts and runs soapy fingers all over to check that there's not one stray hair that got forgotten. He makes me lean over and touch my toes so that he can examine my girl parts from behind and check again.

Being clean-shaven is an important part of being Daddy's little girl.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Worst Spanking

The Worst Spanking Daddy ever gave me was when I was 19 and he was 31. We had just started living together and I was learning the rules. I didnt call him Daddy yet then, I just called him by his name. And sometimes Sir when he was talking to me strictly.

Daddy didnt spank me until we lived together and the worst one ever was only my third one. I remember the first ones really clearly because they were so surprising. I had not ever been spanked before in my whole life.

The first time was was for being mouthy. That time I told him to shut up. And he said he would spank me if I ever talked to him like that again. I said, "you would not!!" and then he hauled me over his lap right there in our new apartment with the unpacked boxes everywhere and gave me a bare bottom spanking while he sat on a box. He spanked me with his hand that time and it did hurt but it was also short and quick and I was more embarrassed and shocked than in a lot of pain.

The second time was more painful. That was a couple of weeks later after we had unpacked and that time was my first experience with the bathbrush. It was MY bathbrush from my last apartment and he took it from me after I got out of the shower one night and spanked me because I had left my clothes on the floor instead of in the laundry hamper after he told me not to. That bathbrush HURT. It was light wood though, I think pine, and so it stung a lot but didn't leave marks. After that spanking, Daddy told me that I had better get used to being bottom up over his lap until I learned to behave better. I was still pretty new to age play and I wasn't totally happy about it either. I wasnt really sure I wanted to live this life after all.

I was even thinking about moving back out.

Then the third spanking. The worst one ever, even up until now, maybe 200 spankings later.

After that second spanking I was MAD. I took that bathbrush of mine and threw it in the trash. I burried it at the very bottom of the bag and it went out at the end of the week never to be seen again. When Daddy noticed it was missing, that was what got me the tanning of a lifetime. He asked me where it was and I said I threw it out. He asked me why and I said it was MINE to do with what I wanted.

Daddy took me to the shopping mall and made me find a new bathbrush. He didnt like the pine ones like the one I had before. Instead he made me buy the heavy one, oak maybe, that was all solid and one piece and really thick. He made me go to the counter and pay for it while he watched me and I was so embarrassed. I felt sure the cashier knew what it was for.

Then we got home and Daddy made me take off all my clothes and get into the bathtub. He used the bathbrush to wash my back and bottom and scrub me gently all over. I knew what was coming.

After the bath he took me to the bedroom and made me lie across his lap on the bed with my hands pinned behind my back and he whaled on my poor bottom with that new brush until I was screaming and bawling and begging him to stop. I realised then that nothing in our new life was MINE to whatever I wanted with. Everything was going to need his approval and permission. My bottom was bright red that night and bruised for several days afterward to remind me every time I sat down.

That night when Daddy came to bed he held me in his arms and I called him Daddy for the first time.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Washing out with soap

This morning Daddy washed my mouth out with soap because i said "damn". He put the liquid soap on the washcloth and made me open my mouth wide and then he scrubbed inside it the way i usually wash my face round and round in little circles. i was angry and got tears in my eyes but i didn't say anything else naughty because that would have made it worse. After he let me sit on his lap and brushhed my hair for me.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Being Little

Being little is what makes me happiest. Littler than normal because i'm already kinda little. :D

i have a Daddy who is also my live in b/f. He is 12 years older than me which is goodb ecause it makes me feel even younger and littler. Daddy is also smart and has a great job so he takes care of me and i get to be his princess and take care of his house and his Daddy-needs.

Daddy needs to be in charge of me so he gets to say when i go to bed and what i eat and when i'm allowed to go out and play and when i hafta stay home and be grounded. Daddy also spanks me when i'm naughty and grounds me and other things like that --- i'll tell more about them later.